Program Notes

The Solo Violin Suite O Sabiá was inspired by José Teixeira Brito’s homonymous screenplay in which a slave descendant boy loses speech after going through the trauma of being orphaned. Raised by his grandparents, the boy will overcome the trauma and speak and sing again only at the expense of another loss, this time, his so caring and beloved grandmother. The musical piece was a first draft in elaborating the short film’s soundtrack, aired in 2010. Besides the main character’s feelings and beliefs, the music aims at picturing the emblematic Campanha Gaúcha region, in southern Brazil, with its landscapes, colors and rhythms. The composer’s impression of the Sabia’s chant, transfigured into a 12-tone series, sews together the piece’s four movements:

  1. Rincão do Inferno [Hell’s Corner]: with its ups and downs, rapids and high-flying birds, is a dangerous place, where walking a straight line is unlikely. Instead, one must leap through stones and rocks one’s way out;

  2. Canto de Oxóssi [Oxossi’s Chant]: a few aspects of the Yoruba religion no longer exist in Africa, but can still be found in Brazil and Cuba. Its deity Oxossi is the god of the hunt and father of all animals. Mysterious, peeping, mystique, he taught all birds to sing but left his most beautiful chant to the Sabia;

  3. Bortolezas: are creatures of the night. Shaped like balls of fire, they can only be seen when it is darkest. They come and play, leaving at dawn;

  4. Morte de Onélia [Onelia’s Death]: represents both suffering and catharsis. A slow funeral procession marks this transcendence, ultimately unveiling the chant of the Sabia.

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Boston String Quartet

Apr 18, 2017

The Boston String Quartet will perform my Passacaglia at the University of Florida on April 18th, 2017.

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Saxophone Duo by Steven Stusek and Laurent Estoppey

Feb 25, 2015

Steven Stusek and Laurent Estoppey give reading of Duo for Alto and Tenor Saxophones at the University of Florida.

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Out of Focus on SCI Showcase

Feb 7, 2015

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Out of Focus Reading

Oct 12, 2014

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Cellist Craig Hultgren

Oct 21, 2013

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Student Composers' Concert

Apr 24, 2013

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Upcoming Graduate Recital

Oct 26, 2012

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Student Composers' Concert

Oct 17, 2012

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Chacarera at USF's Concert Hall

Apr 15, 2012

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Byron Hitchcock Gives Première in Rio

Oct 16, 2011

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