Program Notes

  1. Moderato

The Court of Cassation is in France the supreme court of law, where a very peculiar judge, Edouard Coester (1905–2001), was also a music theorist under the most unique pseudonym of Edmond Costère. Acquainted with influential personalities of his time, such as Jolivet, Messian and Boulez, Costère’s ideas, however, never hit the mainstream. Perhaps because his musical laws of attraction evoked concepts of physics in a time when symmetrical harmony had reached its prime. Nonetheless, some of his pseudo-scientific concepts are a hoot to play with as a composer and the first of my four pieces for piano explores two-partitions of the 12 tones built around and against Costère’s notion of polar centers.

  1. Andante

In 1888, the Milanese Gazzetta Musicale published a challenge by Prof. A. Crescentini: to employ musically a most exotic mode, which he called the enigmatic scale. Composer Giuseppe Verdi took upon himself the conundrum and composed an Ave Maria sulla scala enigmatica. Soon thereafter, many others undertook the challenge, from Schoenberg to Joe Satriani. My second piano piece is a little waltz in which the enigmatic scale plays with its aggregate.

  1. Vivo

The Northeastern part of Brazil is very tropical and full of colors. One of the country’s oldest regions, it shows remarkable influence from Portuguese modal music traditions up to this day. My third solo piano piece is written in a sort of bi-tonal dorian mode and depicts, my way, this rich sound palette.

  1. Lento

The system Arnold Schoenberg shocked the world with in the beginning of the last century is actually based on some very old musical traditions. I keep imagining how Bach would relate to some of the “new” terms. The concepts of retrograde ordering and inversional combinatoriality could easily be translated as al riverso and contrario motu by JS. So my last piano piece is a little 12-tone fugue. With a few hints of Costère.

News & Events

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Boston String Quartet

Apr 18, 2017

The Boston String Quartet will perform my Passacaglia at the University of Florida on April 18th, 2017.

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Saxophone Duo by Steven Stusek and Laurent Estoppey

Feb 25, 2015

Steven Stusek and Laurent Estoppey give reading of Duo for Alto and Tenor Saxophones at the University of Florida.

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Out of Focus on SCI Showcase

Feb 7, 2015

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Out of Focus Reading

Oct 12, 2014

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Cellist Craig Hultgren

Oct 21, 2013

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Student Composers' Concert

Apr 24, 2013

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Upcoming Graduate Recital

Oct 26, 2012

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Student Composers' Concert

Oct 17, 2012

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Chacarera at USF's Concert Hall

Apr 15, 2012

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Byron Hitchcock Gives Première in Rio

Oct 16, 2011

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