Unbalanced Connection 57 On Friday, February 19th, I will present my 8-channel electroacoustic piece called Microminitronics (2016) at the 57th Unbalanced Connection. Microminitronics is a piece in 19-tone equal temperament in which a harmonic framework is developed by exploring heterodynes of a center frequency that are not fast enough to constitute a frequency modulation. These heterodynes’ relative durations to one another are given by ever-changing duty cycles of rectangular waves, the “modulator” waves. Additive synthesis of harmonically related partials is unraveled on top of it all, adding harmonic and rhythmic diversity.

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RunloopSound Released on the App Store

Aug 12, 2016

RunloopSound brings the world of Csound to iOS devices. With a gorgeous user interface and complete integration to all major cloud providers, RunloopSound allows you to keep designing incredible sounds wherever you go.

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Society of Composers, Inc.

Mar 15, 2014

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O Guri Takes Over Portugal!

Oct 8, 2012

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Première of O Guri in Bagé

Jul 7, 2011

O Guri is a feature film directed by Zeca Brito whose original music was written by me.

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