Whenever an MSP object is created and audio processing is on, even if no sound is coming out of the speakers, computer resources are being used. Say a sinusoidal oscillator is connected to a gain slider which is set to minimum volume. The moment audio processing is on, Max starts to output zeros to the sound card. While a musical piece unravels, there may be moments in which some (or much) of the signal processing might not be in use. To be able to turn these processes off without having to turn all audio processing off, we need to encapsulate those areas of the patcher and recall them from within poly~, an object whose purpose is to produce instances of a subpatcher in which audio can be made inactive with the intention of saving resources. Polyphony and resource management are therefore two intertwined concepts in Max, since the poly~ object is the standard way of handling both. As with any approach to computer programming, managing resources is imperative. In this chapter we investigate the many methods associated to poly~, both for creating polyphony, or to be able to turn audio processing off in inactive portions of the patcher. In order to turn things on and off, we must first be able to systematically determine their durations. The discussion below on applying envelopes addresses this issue.

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RunloopSound Released on the App Store

Aug 12, 2016

RunloopSound brings the world of Csound to iOS devices. With a gorgeous user interface and complete integration to all major cloud providers, RunloopSound allows you to keep designing incredible sounds wherever you go.

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Unbalanced Connection 57

Feb 19, 2016

The Unbalanced Connection is a semiannual series of concerts hosted by the University of Florida and dedicated to electroacoustic music.

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Society of Composers, Inc.

Mar 15, 2014

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O Guri Takes Over Portugal!

Oct 8, 2012

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Première of O Guri in Bagé

Jul 7, 2011

O Guri is a feature film directed by Zeca Brito whose original music was written by me.

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